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This is my .

I’ve been online for a very long time and have had my own homepage since the early ‘00s.

I’ve dabbled in web1, 2 and 3; and think web3 is a very horrible idea as it is framed now. Crypto is worse.

I re-launched my homepage in the last year and post short updates regularly.

I’ve been a self-employed electrical engineer for 10y and focus on electrical safety, power system modelling and recently on solar development.

Donna is my favourite companion, but the Doctor/Bill run is the best run.

Its so good I have only watched it a couple times vs SO many of the previous series.

Yeah, me too.

"Even today, when powering up my Visor again with a pair of AAA batteries, I’m reminded why it was so appealing. I don’t have to charge it, connect it to a wifi network, agree to endless EULAs, explicitly ask it to respect my privacy, create online accounts, or dig out the passwords for countless apps. After a brief tutorial and stylus calibration, its app-filled home screen pops open in an instant."

Wordle 331 5/6


I got into a guessing loop

This is what mine looks like now -

I was adding the "reading" in photoshop, but I didn't bother on this update because its a

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Do I know anyone on here that uses and has a strong understanding of ?

I would like to use CSS to add a dynamic reading bar, dynamic in the sense that I add a number to the class to represent % done, for a book that I'm reading.

I want my reading page to look cooler like this one ->

I need some reading suggestions, something that has a good world and is a series.

I am stuck in this Iron Druid series that I give a 4/10, but it is scratching my "urban fantasy" while I wait for more Dresden and Laundry Files.

I want to move to a smaller instance, but I have no idea which one. I've got a few short list contenders whose public feeds I'm watching to get a feel for the community. In the meantime, I welcome your pitch about why I should move to your favorite instance.

ds9 was like a whole damn series about the evils of colonialism and racism

Wordle 330 3/6


Wordle 329 3/6


Another day, another

Wordle 328 4/6


If I wanted a sport to follow, what the least problematic league? I’m thinking either soccer or baseball right now, but open to suggestions.

Something that I never can figure out is how I like my desk setup. See, for the first 13 or so years of my career I either changed desks within an office, changed companies, or was on site every couple months.

The place that I sat to work changed often.

For the last couple of years I have worked from the same place and I keep changing it. New mouse, 2 monitors, 3?, desktop vs laptop, work from NAS vs Office365, etc etc

Eventually I will stick with something.


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