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This is my .

I’ve been online for a very long time and have had my own homepage since the early ‘00s.

I’ve dabbled in web1, 2 and 3; and think web3 is a very horrible idea as it is framed now. Crypto is worse.

I re-launched my homepage in the last year and post short updates regularly.

I’ve been a self-employed electrical engineer for 10y and focus on electrical safety, power system modelling and recently on solar development.

Anyone know of a way to make a LUT from two images using Gnu/IMP or other Linux-friendly software?

My need: I have a video I recorded in split shifts last week. Apparently I must have knocked the white balance off on my light rig and everything's different on half of the video.

My thought is I should be able to take two stills and color match the one into a LUT that could be applied to the other in Kdenlive, but I'm not a colorist. Anyone have an idea?

My OnePlus 5 is dying had it since launch so I'm kind of stuck between getting a Fairphone 4 for Android and hoping Linux support for calls materialises or going full on Linux and purchasing a Pocophone F1 6Gb/128Gb. All I need really are calls and data and anything else would be a plus. A camera would be nice but not essential. Thoughts anyone ????
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More sexism, more "the comments" 

This one I just had to reply to. I might come to regret it.

These dudes just keep coming over the last couple of days, I'm guessing I'm now on some sort of list.

I guess I made it? It's on my C64 video on YouTube. Men-on-the-internet, you're free to take a shift handling these dudes- I know I grow tired of it!

that CBCNews has a “lite” version of its website.

What other news sites have I been missing with similar features?

This is what's currently happening in the US colony of Puerto Rico

Certificate done and site build scheduler finished, we should be live and running.

Now its time to make cinnamon rolls.

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Homepage moved and DNS updated. I still need to setup the certificate but I should be able to do that this afternoon.

Next up, gitea and Nextcloud. After that, maybe this entire instance.

I’m thinking about doing something really dumb, self hosting my cloud, website and other services in my nas at home with a dynamic ip.

I think I will let someone else deal with email though.

Wordle 453 4/6


Anybody have tips or advice for helping someone deal with dentist anxiety? I’m going to do some searching and reading around the web, but wondering if anyone has some first hand experience they could share.

Does anyone have good sci-fi series recommendations? I need a couple good series to start after this book.

Classic sci-fi is starting to hit a bit different these days, and its typically my fall back while I wait for authors I enjoy to continue to put stuff out there.

I know that this is not something that the is designed for, however is there a decent search engine for the fediverse?

I have a link on the bottom of my posts that invites people to continue the discussion on twitter where it links to a twitter search query.

I would like to do something similar for the fediverse, but haven't had any luck.

hmmm currenty use lbonn-rofi as I'm a Wayland user but I've noticed Fuzzel too and wonder what the pro's and con's are if any ???
Does anyone on #linux use Fuzzel over Rofi and if so why ??
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