This is my .

I’ve been online for a very long time and have had my own homepage since the early ‘00s.

I’ve dabbled in web1, 2 and 3; and think web3 is a very horrible idea as it is framed now. Crypto is worse.

I re-launched my homepage in the last year and post short updates regularly.

I’ve been a self-employed electrical engineer for 10y and focus on electrical safety, power system modelling and recently on solar development.

@Jeff I follow anyone who says " a horrible idea as it is framed now"


It’s one of those things that I had high hopes for a few years back, but still couldn’t envision how it would work.

Fast forward to today, and the reason I couldn’t envision it is because it’s all a grift.

If you think , and are awesome I have a bridge to sell you.

@Jeff 👋🏼 bonding over the web 3 skepticism, since I’ve been gainfully employed to build web pages since before “web 2” and remember second life the linden dollar well.
(But it’s also fun to try and imagine good use cases)

@Atomicbutterfly Until about the fall of 2020, I would come up with “great” ideas for Web3. Eveytime I sat down and thought about them for more than a few hours I realized it was dumb or there was a much better way to implement with web1 or 2 methods (with 2020 tech).

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