I’m thinking about doing something really dumb, self hosting my cloud, website and other services in my nas at home with a dynamic ip.

I think I will let someone else deal with email though.

I don't even think email is possible with dynamic IP, so that bit at least is a wise decision...

@dheadshot it’s not, and the price for a static is stupid

@Jeff So when you get hacked you lose your personal data too

@Felipe_B what are the largest risks to “hacks”.

Typically they are social engineering within the corporations that have your data.

Configuring you firewall, static website, dockers, etc so that no one compromised service can affect your entire infrastructure, at home, isn’t a big deal anymore.

Couple that with encryption at rest and the risk, IMO for “hacking” is higher with trusting big tech.

@Jeff @Felipe_B

Plus the pay off factor. Not a whole lot to gain usually stealing a single individuals data compared to an entire corporation, or segment of. So as long as you make it reasonable secure and difficult/time consuming, why would anyone bother.

@Jeff @Felipe_B

Plus plus, on my own personal web server, I don’t have a database storing my personal information and credit card information or anything like that. So what really might someone get that would actually be of any real value. Worst case is probably more like the server being turned into a bot potentially for a threat campaign.

@Felipe_B @Finner Exactly. I’m planning on one box for the web facing, on a completely different network, that has all the services and then leave the other network for my personal stuff.

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