Trying to use WORD and write an email at the same time, fucking computer was dragging.

I open up task manager and this is what I see.

I spent some time pruning my Twitter this weekend and it’s always bearing fruit.

If you quote Rex Murphy I will think less of you.

One of my first projects as an engineer was the FEED for a LNG plant in Nova Scotia, it failed because there was no business case without billions in government money.

I’ve worked on a second one since and same result, even 10y later.

There is still no business case without massive amounts of government money.

Ableist , hateful, bullshit around masking 

From the bird site this morning. This is as bad as pretending you don’t understand someone with a thick accent just to make them feel un welcome.

Asshole vibes all around.

Don’t be like Karen

I am really starting to hate the internet, I can't find anything I'm actually looking for.

I need a holder for a couple of CPUs that I need to put in storage as I break down a couple of computers. I search the and this is what I get.

cpu != computer

We are finally eating a few blueberries a day. I was a starting to think the birds were getting to them.


This was a reply to some around an application to an instance.

It really feels like a, “don’t you know who I am?” moment.

The decentralization of the fediverse means that any server can talk to any other server, but they don’t have to. It’s not like crypto at all.

Not allowing them on this particular instance doesn’t stop him from interacting with people on that instance. That is unless he continues with attacks on the admins and they block him. I mean, I would for less.

are waking up to an even greater surprise this morning, a mismatch in demand and supply that is much worse than yesterday. Even still I didn’t notice any news releases about conservation.

We did a thing without on Friday.

And this was a trail at really could have helped prep for. However, there wasn’t a single photo of the trail when I looked when we got home.

And then further down that same thread.

What do people that are still pushing and think a “hard asset” is?

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How valuable is something that you can’t trade for goods and/or services?

If I panned for a bit of gold in a local river I could take it to a pawn shop and get cash to use for bread.

has no value except for the gullibility of the greater fool.

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