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I think I have figured out the script to use to build comments on the static blog.

I couldn’t get the dockers of the other options out there to run and Postgres is overkill for my tiny site.

Watching the 3rd season of Orville and it really fell down.

We're still in a pandemic. Stay safe, wear your mask, get vaccinated.

If you want people to install your keylogger, you have to give it a name that makes it sound friendly and unthreatening. Like “Grammarly”

Anyone self-host commento? I’ve been looking for a good option and I think this is it.

I finally have running smooth on my framework laptop.

Strange reason to start from scratch. Something like Flickr has been around for ever, relatively cheap, allows hotlinking and lots of storage.

The free tier still allows hotlinking and you can just create multiple accounts when you are in out of space.

Trying to use WORD and write an email at the same time, fucking computer was dragging.

I open up task manager and this is what I see.

I've been thinking that python is over rated for "web" things.

I miss the old PHP days and not needing such low level access to the server to do basic scripty things.

That is to say, I am going to start playing with PHP and sqlite. Re-write my masto-bot that way -

When I have time that it. :)

This illustrates the very bad state of the internet.

“After self-hosting my email for twenty-three years I have thrown in the towel. The oligopoly has won.”

I’ve found these guys, they are Canadian and been in business for a very long time.

They also only do email which is a plus to me.

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I had good luck with cloud hosting for storage recommendations, so now I’m looking for email hosting.

I’m planning to move my personal website to a NAS at home but still need email hosting. There is NO WAY I’m going to attempt to run my own server. That’s a young kids game.

Who do you use? Why? Is good or just popular, etc.

I spent some time pruning my Twitter this weekend and it’s always bearing fruit.

This is the I grew up with, and is still my favourite. I can’t forget about Batman Beyond, and the justice leagues from this era.

When Jake Paul is the voice of "reason" wrt Andrew Tate, you know we are living in a messed up reality.

He talked about how he would never fight him because that would be just giving him a platform to spread his dangerous rhetoric.

Wordle 437 4/6


That one wasn’t fair

If you quote Rex Murphy I will think less of you.

One of my first projects as an engineer was the FEED for a LNG plant in Nova Scotia, it failed because there was no business case without billions in government money.

I’ve worked on a second one since and same result, even 10y later.

There is still no business case without massive amounts of government money.

The timeloop/ground hog day trope is one of my favourites.

and did them really well.

Wordle 431 3/6


Got it

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